Phase 3 COVID-19 Research Restart Guidelines/Application Portal

The health and well-being of Lakehead University’s research community are the University’s top priority. While we continue to increase our research activity during the pandemic, we are mindful of the precautions that must be exercised during each phase for a safe return to both on-campus, fieldwork and community-based research activity (please refer to the Updates from the VPRI:  COVID-19  to learn more about our phased approach to restarting research).

"Due to COVID-19, any current research that can be done remotely, must be done remotely."  (COVID-19 Phase 3 Research Restart Guidelines).

COVID-19 Phase 3 Research Restart GuidelinesCOVID-19 Phase 3 Research Restart Guidelines

COVID-19 Research Application PortalCOVID-19 Research Application Portal


Stages of reopening are guided by Provincial recommendations and guidelines, but Lakehead University may decide to move more conservatively in some areas to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and human participants and community members.

Effective September 1, 2020, Lakehead University is in Phase 3 of reopening which is aligned with Phase 2, Stage 3 of the Ontario Government’s Reopening Framework.  Phase 3 will allow the University to restart research and service/education activities (under the jurisdiction of the VPRI) to include limited in-person research with human participants (approved by the REB) and education/service activities with community members and partners (approved by the C19ARC Committee).

If you have any questions about Lakehead University’s phased approach to restarting research, please contact Dr. Andrew P. Dean, Vice-President Research and Innovation at