Interested in Commercialization?

LUFA Collective Agreement:  Under the Lakehead University Faculty Association collective agreement (“LUFA CA”) LUFA faculty agreed to share 25% of the “net proceeds” from protected inventions, improvements, designs, or developments (“Commercialization Project”) with the University if the University provided “ordinary support” towards the creation of the Commercialization Project.  However, if the University provided “extraordinary support”, LUFA faculty agreed to share 50% of net proceeds with the University.

Lakehead IP Policy:  In November 2007, Lakehead University implemented an Intellectual Property Policy that applies the LUFA CA revenue sharing terms (among others) to all other faculty, staff, and graduate students of the University.

EDI Office Obligations:  The EDI office is not required to take on Commercialization Projects; however it may choose to do so after evaluation of such a project for commercial viability.  In the event that the EDI does take on a Commercialization Project, the EDI will be responsible for sourcing funding for the project and handling the Commercialization Project.  Assistance of the inventors will likely be necessary, especially in drafting applications for intellectual property protection.

Engaging the EDI Office:   In order for the EDI to open a file and consider a commercialization project, the inventors should complete and file an Invention Disclosure Form.  The EDI would be pleased to help inventors fill out the Invention Disclosure Form.  The Invention Disclosure Form is not considered received by the EDI until it has been competed in full (including all attachments) and signed by the inventors.

EDI Office Time to Review:  Upon receipt of a completed Invention Disclosure Form, the EDI requires up to four (4) months  to evaluate the invention in order to allow it to determine whether the EDI can take on the Commercialization Project.

EDI Office Conditions of Participation:  

In the event that the EDI agrees to take on any particular Commercialization Project, the following terms and conditions shall apply:

  • The inventors will assign their intellectual property to the University;
  • Lakehead University shall receive 50% of net revenue (gross income to the University from the Commercialization Project less EDI costs to commercialize);
  • the inventors agree to be available to the commercialization team as reasonably required to carry out the Commercialization Project; and
  • the University and the inventors will sign an Evaluation Agreement setting out further terms and conditions governing the Commercialization Project. 

For more information about Commercialization, please contact Ellen MacKay, Director, Innovation Development at or call 807-343-8724 or Bill Maloney, Director, Industry Research Partnerships at or call 807-343-8793.