Research Service Agreements Signed Between Lakehead University and NOSM University

Lakehead and NOSM U have entered into two five-year research-related agreements focused on research, access to the Lakehead Animal Care Facility, and associated supports. A research-focused agreement will see Lakehead support NOSM U’s research activities and researchers with access to research and innovation services and supports, and to common research and laboratory spaces at Lakehead University.  Lakehead will also help facilitate access to federal and provincial funding opportunities for NOSM U researchers, including those dependent on Tri-Agency funding.


Below, please find some FAQ regarding the new agreement:

1.       What is the purpose of the Research and Service Agreement between Lakehead University and NOSM-U?

This agreement outlines the processes and regulations that will allow NOSM-U researchers to access the research and innovation support services and shared research facilities at Lakehead University. In particular, by using the external Adjunct faculty process at Lakehead, NOSM-U researchers will be able to have Lakehead University receive and administer external research grants in accordance with Lakehead’s research policies.

 2.       Why is the Agreement necessary?

Previously NOSM functioned as a Faculty within Lakehead University and Laurentian University. Research and research administration between NOSM and the universities was governed by a special schedule within the Affiliation Agreement between the universities and NOSM.

On April 1, 2022, NOSM officially became an independent university through Royal Assent.  With NOSM University’s new status, the previous agreement was no longer valid and a new agreement became necessary. Research grant administration requires significant infrastructure and the Tri-agencies require that an institution have these structures in place to accommodate researchers and hence be eligible to hold these grants. This new agreement will help to facilitate current and future research activities at NOSM-U.

3.       Will all NOSMU faculty members including part-time faculty members have research privileges at Lakehead University.

No, NOSM-U faculty members, including part-time faculty members, who apply for and receive external Adjunct Status will have research privileges at Lakehead University, in accordance with our Adjunct Policy. NOSM-U Adjunct Professors who administer research funding through Lakehead University will have access to:  1) administrative support from Research Services, Innovation, Partnership and Economic Development, Financial Services, etc; 2) Research Ethics Board, Animal Care Committee, Biosafety Committee, etc. 3) access to Lakehead University's centralized research spaces and laboratory facilities, including the Animal Care Facility and 4) access to Lakehead University graduate students in accordance with the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations.


4.  Do NOSMU Adjunct Faculty members have access to Lakehead University shared research facilities?

Yes, NOSMU Adjunct faculty members will have access to Lakehead University shared research facilities at internal rates set by the individual laboratory/facility.


5.  Are NOSMU Adjunct Faculty bound by Lakehead University research and innovation policies?

Yes, NOSMU Adjunct Faculty members must abide by all Tri-agency research policies, as well as Lakehead University policies in order to maintain research privileges at Lakehead University.  This includes compliance with the Tri-Agency Responsible Conduct of Research Framework.


 6.       When does this agreement come into force and is there a transition period?

The Agreement took effect on May 16, 2022.  However, in order to adjust to the new structure, it has been agreed that all NOSM U faculty who hold internal adjunct status at Lakehead will continue to do so until the Adjunct Policy has been revised, after which they will have six months to apply as an external adjunct.  This is intended to minimize disruption while we transition to the new system.


7.       It was mentioned that NOSM-U faculty will need to seek external adjunct status ay Lakehead University so as to have their grants administered? Will such Adjunct status be automatic?

No. NOSM-U faculty would need to apply to a department or academic unit for adjunct status as is the usual practice


8.       What about compliance committees of record such as Research Ethics Boards?

Lakehead University compliance committees (REB, Animal Care, Biosafety, Radiation Safety Committee) will serve as compliance committees for NOSM-U faculty with adjunct status at Lakehead if they need to have a project approved by such committees.  The TBRHSC REB will continue to review and approve clinical protocols for NOSM-U Adjunct faculty through the Lakehead University-Reciprocity Agreement.


9.       Will all grants for NOSM-U faculty run through Lakehead University?

In the previous agreement there were certain grants that were administered by NOSM. These included institutional grants (i.e. NOSM specific chairs, Northern Ontario Academic Medical Association (NOAMA) grants, etc.). NOSM-U will continue to administer these grants on their own.


10.   Will NOSM-U adjunct faculty be able to hire research staff with grants held at Lakehead University?

Yes. In this case, Lakehead University will issue sub-award or sub-contract in compliance with terms of the funding agency prime agreement. The university will continue to require invoices with supporting documentation from NOSM-U faculty for expenses related to these research staff.


11. Will Lakehead University faculty members need NOSMU Adjunct Appointments in order to access NOSMU research facilities?

Questions relating to NOSMU Adjunct Appointments should be directed to the Vice-President of Research at NOSM U.