Innovation Services We Offer

The Office of Innovation, Partnerships and Economic Development is an intellectual property resource for faculty, staff, and students, and an important priority for Lakehead University as a whole.

More specifically, the following Innovation services provided by the EDI office:

  • Handling of intellectual property protection issues (including patents and copyright),
  • Licensing of University technology,
  • Serving as a liaison between industry, the local community, and the University,
  • Assisting with university-industry-government collaborative programs,
  • Supporting the creation and development of start-up knowledge-based businesses, and
  • Overseeing the overall management of the University's intellectual property.

The IPED office is also responsible for negotiation and drafting of several different types of agreements including those dealing with:

  • Intellectual property ownership assignments,
  • Licensing agreements,
  • Sponsored research,
  • Industrial grants & research contracts,
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure,
  • Collaboration and Consortium Agreements, and
  • Material Transfer Agreements.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the intellectual property commercialization process, and the services our office provides.

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