Our Facilities & Equipment

The Biorefining Research Institute (BRI) is housed in a new, modern building on over 2,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space that is fully equipped to carry out Biorefining research of industrial relevance, in particular processing and testing equipment for pulp and paper research that serves the research and development needs of the Canadian forest sector. Some major analytical instrumentation includes:

  • Agilent HPLC
  • BioRad Biologic Duo Flow FPLC
  • BioRad GenePulser ExCell
  • BioRad RT PCR ModelC1000
  • BioTek Multi Plate Reader
  • Brookhaven BI200 Dynamic Light Scattering
  • Dionex ICS-3000 Ion Exchange Chromatography
  • Malvern Gel Permeation Chromatography
  • Micrometrix Photometric Dispersion Analyzer
  • Mutek PCD-04 Particle Charge Detector
  • Nova 2200e Autosorb Surface Analyzer
  • Shimadzu QP2010S GC-MS
  • TGA i1000 Thermal Analyzer  
  • ThermoFischer GC