Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency Hype or New Asset Class?

Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Event Location: 
OA 1033
Last July, Howard Marks, billionaire co-chair of investment management firm, Oaktree Capital called bitcoin a “fad” or “perhaps even a pyramid scheme”.
In September, Jamie Dimon, CEO of the largest U.S. bank, JPMorgan Chase, called bitcoin “a fraud”. This January, Warren Buffet stated that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will “come to a bad end”.
Given the negative sentiments of some of the world’s most famous investors, why have people invested hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies? Who is right? Are bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fraught with danger or do they represent a new asset class?
Join Dr. Herman van den Berg, Faculty of Business Administration, Lakehead University, for a discussion about an innovative new payment network and kind of "money". 
Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency hype or new class asset?
Tuesday, March 20
7 - 9 p.m.
OA 1033
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