Sandra Jeppesen

Name: Dr. Sandra Jeppesen

Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

Title of Lakehead University Research Chair:  Transformative Media and Social Movements

Start date:   June 1, 2016

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Keywords Describing Chair's Areas of Research:media activism, alternative media, political economy of media, feminism, anti-authoritarian social movements, queer theory, anti-racist media activism, anti-colonial media activism.

Research relevance (importance of the research and how it will benefit Canadians):  A better understanding of the media practices of anti-racist and anti-colonial indigenous social movements in Canada will be developed by and disseminated among these communities of practice.

Description of the project:

Title: Leading Communities: Anti-Racist & Indigenous Social Movement Media Strategies

Building partnerships with leading anti-racist and indigenous activists, this co-research project will conduct group interviews across Canada that will also function as dialogue-based workshops on specific themes developed with partners. Partnerships already established or in progress include media activist groups the Media Co-op, Shameless magazine, and Upping the Anti. Social movement group partnerships have yet to be developed, and might include groups and networks such as No One Is Illegal, Black Lives Matter, and Idle No More. Community knowledge mobilization workshops will be co-facilitated with activists from these networks engaged as a team of co-researchers.  Community and social movement members with various forms of experience in media practices, including radio, print, video, social media, podcasts, and other media genres will together lead the research. We will share experiences in media practices within their social movements, specifically focusing on anti-racist and anti-colonial movements. Using this shared experience and expertise, we will generate research & interview questions, conduct & analyze interviews, produce & share findings. Building on the research findings, the co-researchers will then develop toolkits and workshops that will be directly useful in their local social movements for better understanding and developing their media practices.