Dr. Peter Hollings

Dr. Peter HollingsName: Dr. Peter Hollings

Department: Geology/CESME

Title of Lakehead University Research Chair:  Geochemistry and Ore Deposits

Start date:   2016

Website address of researcher:www.lakeheadu.ca/users/H/pnhollin/node/1615

Keywords Describing Chair's Areas of Research:Geochemistry, ore deposits, porphyry, Au mineralisation, Archean tectonics, Midcontinent Rift

Research relevance (importance of the research and how it will benefit Canadians):  By increasing the size of the alteration halo that can be recognised by explorationists and developing tools to vector towards deposits and assess their fertility this study will develop effective new exploration criteria for world-class Au deposits.

Description of the project

Title: Mineral chemistry of the alteration halo around the orogenic gold deposits of Red Lake

This study will investigate the mineral chemistry of alteration systems around orogenic gold deposits in order to characterize and assess the usefulness of these minerals as exploration tools. The research will build on previous successful projects that have developed this tool around porphyry and epithermal systems and have shown that these
methods can significantly expand the size of the alteration footprint, making for easier exploration targets. The study will train one M.Sc. candidate and help to build research links with the mining and exploration industry in Northern Ontario. It will contribute
significantly to our understanding of the processes that generate orogenic gold deposits and aid in the development of models that can be applied by explorationists in Canada to enable future discoveries. Enhanced exploration strategies can lead to more efficient
exploration, reducing the time required to develop new mineral resources. In addition students will receive hands on training of both field and laboratory techniques that will qualify them for a career in either industry or academia.