Procedure for PhD students to register for undergraduate level courses

Graduate students cannot register online for undergraduate courses that have restrictions nor can they request special permission for undergraduate courses with restrictions.

IF you have a graduate student who you are allowing to take an undergraduate course, please FIRST CONSIDER setting up a 5000 level special topics course that is cross-timetabled with the undergrad course. It is always preferable that graduate students take graduate level courses as this is directly reflected on their official transcript.
If you cannot set up a special topics 5000 level course and you are still allowing the student to take a UG course towards their graduate program, this will need to be done manually.  As graduate students require permission of their department to take an undergraduate course towards their graduate program, please EMAIL the following information to me directly:

Subject Line: GR Student Taking UG Course - last name of student
1. Student Name:
2. Student ID:
3. UG Course information: ex: ENGI 4056 FA - Environmental Control
4. Course Term: ex: 2020F
5. Is the course extra to the degree OR is the course to be used as a degree requirement.  Example: This course is extra and does NOT count towards their MSC requirements.
As graduate students are billed extra for undergraduate courses, the last point is VERY important as it impacts the student's account/billing and of course, their degree audit customization.

NOTE:  If an email is received from you requesting UG registration for a graduate  student, it will be assumed that the student has already spoken with you and is in agreement with this registration.

NOTE 2:  If you are submitting this type of email and the subject of the course is outside of the students major, registration will not occur until the other department has been notified and is also in agreement (I will do this from my end if it is not noted in the email). 

NOTE 3:  This kind of email is ONLY for cases where a graduate student is requesting to take an undergraduate course.

If you have any questions about this email or need further clarification, please let me know.
Lori Vidotto