Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) encourages academic excellence in graduate studies at both the masters and doctoral level.

Funding Year(s): 
$15 000.00
5,000 Per Term (for up to three consecutive terms)
  • Applicants must be enrolled, or intend to pursue full-time graduate studies at the master's or doctoral level in an approved graduate program
  • Can be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada, or Visa Student
  • Applicants entering their 1st or 2nd year of graduate studies (Masters level) must have overall average of at least A- (80%) in each of the last two completed years of study (full-time equivalent)
  • Applicants entering 3rd year or beyond of graduate studies (Doctoral level) must have overall average of at least A- (80%) on all graduate courses
How to Apply: 

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship at Lakehead University is to be completed online at:


A profile in the myawards system must be set-up in order to apply to this opportunity. Current Lakehead University students are asked to use their Lakehead University email address for login credentials. After completing registration on the site and creating a student profile allow the system to update overnight for the profile to complete.

If you are not currently a Lakehead University student, or if for any reason you do not see the Ontario Graduate Scholarship in the My Scholarship section (after the overnight update) contact Maegen Lavallee, mlavalle@lakeheadu.ca with your First Name, Last Name and email address as used in the myawards system.

The Deadline is December 3, 2018

No paper or email submissions will be accepted.

A completed application will result in a “complete” mark next to all items in the portal, namely:

  • Completed OGS Application form
  • Two Academic Assessment Reports
  • Research/Program Statement (Tell the committee what you plan to study, the program's fit with your studies and your career plans)
  • Awards/Publication Page if applicable.
  • Declaration of previous awards and prizes page
  • Up-to-date, official transcripts (if you are currently in your first term at Lakehead University we still require the transcript as proof of registration even if it does not have marks on it yet)
  • Temporary resident visa student study permit (if applicable)
  • Notice, consent and signature page

Applications portal to open Oct 3rd, 2018

Award Category: 

Awarded to a full-time Masters or Doctorate student.

Funding Source: 
Funding Level: