Software Engineering Degree Program

The course schedule for our uniquely designed 4-year Bachelor of Engineering degree program in Software Engineering is shown below. The program of study for students seeking only the Software Engineering Technology Diploma consists of the Common Year in Applied Science, or equivalent, plus the first two years of the Bachelor of Software Engineering Degree Program.

Qualified engineering technology graduates from accredited Canadian technology programs can enter the degree program in third year after completing post-diploma transition courses offered in the summer session prior to third year. A Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Software Engineering can be earned in two years of study. See the College Transfer Program and Post-Diploma Program for more information.

Click here for the Software Engineering Program Outline for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Our programs are governed by a number of regulations. Each student is expected to be familiar with all the rules, regulations and policies of Lakehead University and of the Faculty of Engineering. This information can be found  in the Lakehead University Calendar. See the Academic Schedule for important dates including  class start and end dates, examination dates, course registration, addition and withdrawal dates, and special examinations. Regulations can be found under University Regulations, and Engineering Regulations.