NSERC Create Program in Medical Imaging Detector Technologies

The NSERC Create Program in Medical Imaging Detector Technologies is a collaborative training program designed to consolidate medical imaging-related science and engineering research at Lakehead University, University of Waterloo and Univeristy of Saskatchewan into a unified and complete program covering Medical Imaging Techniques and Technologies - an area which is underrepresented in existing Medical Imaging programs in Canada. The program has to two primary objectives: 

The first objective (short term) is to prepare “employer ready” trainees to

  1.  be equipped with both technical and professional skills, and 
  2.  develop specific skills required by the Medical Detector industry through working with the Industrial Partners

The second objective (long-term) is to create the next generation of scientists and medical imaging researchers equipped with exceptional technical skills and an understanding of the path from an unmet patient need to the development of a commercial product.

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Funded by NSERC