Program Level Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the HBOR Program will possess the skills and knowledge to:                                                                               

  • recognize the vibrant role that outdoor recreation, parks and tourism plays in nurturing socially and environmentally responsible communities                                           
  • effectively apply strategies to facilitate recreation experiences with a variety of populations and in a range of settings     
  • evaluate and apply relevant theoretical foundations of practice in outdoor recreation, parks and tourism fields         
  • identify and articulate the complexity of issues pertaining to place, sustainability, and ethics in outdoor recreation, parks and tourism                                                              
  • identify planning processes and policies in order to implement effective management and decision making                  
  • apply the principles of safety and risk management in outdoor recreation, parks and tourism     
  • gather, review, evaluate, and interpret various forms of data and information to inform practice and decision making      
  • undertake research using theory, concepts, methods and approaches to analysis from across outdoor recreation, parks and tourism fields                                                     
  • demonstrate high level competencies in writing, analysis, and assessment of constructive perspectives in theory and practice                                                                               
  • practice professional workplace competencies and apply them to a placement   
  • perform high level competencies in effective leadership for nature-based learning and advancing social, environmental, economic, and ethical responsibilities                         
  • identify and employ the principles of social justice, equity and inclusion   
  • recognize Indigenous world views and practices in the context of outdoor recreation, parks and tourism