Program Delivery

  • There is a strong component of distance education in the consortium delivered PHCNP courses and a computer with internet access is required.
  • Delivery methods include: discussion forums, virtual classroom, books, print-based materials, library resources, tutorials, clinical labs and clinical placements.
  • Most universities require students to attend labs and tutorials at the university on a regular basis. Lakehead University schedules the tutorials for Advance Health Assessment and Diagnosis and Therapeutics approximately once per month on the weekend. The tutorials run Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday.


The tutorials also referred to as seminars are an integral component of both Advanced Health Assessment and Therapeutics. They are mandatory, face-to-face group sessions whereby students have the opportunity to apply theory to practice through various teaching/learning strategies (e.g. case studies, physical assessment etc.).

As many of Lakehead University students are from the region of Northwestern Ontario and/or working professionals, the tutorials are scheduled on the weekends monthly.

Clinical Practice

Clinical practice is associated with AHAD (I and II), Therapeutics (I and II), and the integrative practicum. All clinical practice for Lakehead University students is to be completed in Lakehead University’s geographic boundary. Clinical placements are arranged by a clinical placement coordinator and are based on the learning needs of the individual student. The availability of clinical placements and preceptors varies for each University. It is imperative that clinical experiences are spaced over the entire term so that students can apply knowledge concurrently.