College Summer Transition Program - Aug. 2 - Aug. 26, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to the Summer College Transition Program 2022!

This year the Transition Program will run from Aug. 2 - Aug 26, 2022 (inclusive).  You will receive additional details in your email so please be sure to accept you Offer of Admission so that you are on the email list.

Transition students will register in the following courses.

  • NRMT-0290-AA - WAC 2 (Writing Across the Curriculum)
  • NRMT-2710-AA - Nat. Res. Science A - Statistics
  • NRMT-2711-AA - Nat. Res. Science B - Soils, Water & Chemistry, and Modelling & Ecology
  • NRMT-2712-AA - Nat. Res. Science C - Tree Development, and Forest Economics

Some of you may need to switch into NRMT-2713-AA - Nat. Res. Science D - Plant Biology at a later date but that will be determined once the Program Chairs review your college transcripts.

Mandatory Fieldschool immediately follows Transition School.  

If you have questions or concerns at any time please be sure to email or your Program Chair.

Chair, HBSCF = Dr. Mat Leitch -

Chair, HBEM = Dr. Brian McLaren -