2010-2011 Course Outlines

Fall Term Courses:

Math 4030  Probability and Statistics

Full Year Courses:

Winter Term Courses:

Math 1077 Sequences and Series
Math 1078 Functions and Trigonometry
Math 1131 Math Skills for Native Access Students II
Math 1136 Math for NNEP Students II
Math 1230 Calculus II for Engineers
Math 2070 Applied Analysis II
Math 2131 Vector Calculus
Math 2233 Group Theory
Math 2275 Linear Algebra II
Math 2333 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
Math 3032 Complex Functions and PDEs
Math 3050 Numerical Analysis and Computing
Math 3113 Partial Differential Equations II
Math 3133 Methods of Mathematical Physics II
Math 3233 Introductory Analysis II
Math 3351 Applied Numerical Methods
Math 4151 Advanced Calculus

Spring/Summer Courses:
Math 0140 Concepts of Basic Mathematics for Teachers