Student Profiles - Master of Science in Kinesiology


Student Mahdis Azizderouei at mining site

Mahdis Azizderouei

Mahdis is a master's candidate in her second year at Lakehead University. Her  supervisor is Dr. Kathryn Sinden. Mahdis's research interest in in applied ergonomics and occupational health & safety. Her thesis is focused on fatigue exposure and musculoskeletal injuries in female and male mine workers.



Student Alysha Duivesteyn sitting on a rock by the lakeAlysha Duivesteyn

Alysha is a first-year master's student, supervised by Dr. Kathryn Sinden and Dr.  Paolo Sanzo. She is currently interested in ergonomics as well as occupational health & safety. Her master's thesis will focus on critical incident exposure with firefighter's. Alysha grew up on a farm and loves animals.


Student Kara-Lyn Harrison at a health conferenceKara-Lyn Harrison

Kara-Lyn is a second-year master's student, supervised by Dr. Paolo Sanzo. Her academic interests are in the areas of sport injury, biomechanics, and electromyography. She is currently working on her thesis entitled "The biomechanical effects of rotator cuff taping on muscle recruitment and throwing velocity in fatigued baseball players". When she is not working on her thesis, she is usually playing with her dog, Moose.



Student Lucas Hudson standing outside in Thunder BayLucas Hudson

Lucas Hudson is a first-year master’s student, supervised by Dr. Paolo Sanzo and Dr. Taryn Klarner. He has broad academic interests in the area of keeping all individuals healthy, active, and safe. His current project is in development and will involve examining muscular asymmetries in transtibial amputees. He also has a passion for football and coaching.


A headshot of student Yutong LiuYutong Liu

Yutong Liu is a first-year master’s student, supervised by Dr. Eryk Przysucha. Her academic interest is motor control and she is focusing on building deeper insight into this area to prepare for her thesis. Yutong Lui is from China. She recommends that you all travel there for their many delicacies and to meet their diligent and kind people!  She is keen on sports, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and finds the human body to be fascinating which is what attracted her to the field of kinesiology. She is loving the stunning views in Canada and is enjoying her life in Thunder Bay, excited for what the future will bring.


Student Samantha Morris working with a senior clientSamantha Morris

Samantha Morris is a second-year master’s student, supervised by Dr. Ian Newhouse. Her current academic interests are in the areas of Gerontology and Exercise Physiology. More specifically, she enjoys researching exercise-based therapies that are associated with enhancing psychological and physiological well-being for the aging population. Her thesis project involves investigating the effects of exposure to nature (participating in a 30x30 challenge) on individuals  living with cancer who are partaking in group exercise and a wellness program. During her time off, you will find her at a curling club throwing rocks at houses, going for hikes in nature, and hanging out with her cat named Callie.



Student Matt Neill taking a break while hiking in the mountainsMatthew Neill

Matt Neil is a first-year master’s student, supervised by Dr. Kurt Smith and Dr. Paolo Sanzo. He finds the field of exercise physiology exciting and has recently developed an interest in the mechanisms of cerebrovascular control. Currently, he is studying the shear stress response to exercise as it relates to blood pressure in the cerebral arteries. He is also exploring new ways to engineer data-collection tools so they can more accurately measure brain blood flow. In the little time that Kurt isn’t cracking the whip, he likes to get outside to ski, rock/ice climb, and hike.

Student Alyssa Poulin with her catAlyssa Poulin

Alyssa Poulin is a 2nd year MSc student working with Dr. John Gotwals. Her current academic interests lie in pain psychology and how an athlete’s personality disposition influences their cognitions about pain and subsequent outcomes. She is currently working on her thesis proposal. Right now, when not at the university, Alyssa is passionate about her amazing indoor plants.





Student Tyson Rybak with his dog, ConorTyson Rybak

Tyson is a second-year master’s student, supervised by Dr. Carlos Zerpa. His  primary academic interests are in the area of concussions in contact sports. For his thesis project, he will be testing the effectiveness of boxing headgear in reducing concussions under a number of different conditions. Tyson was born and raised in Thunder Bay. He has a love of hockey, martial arts, travelling, as well as his 3 dogs,  Conor (pictured) and Jordy.



Student Mike Teo playing the pianoMike Teo

Teo Zhe Bin (Mike) is a second-year master’s student who claims Dr. Carlos Zerpa and Dr. Paolo Sanzo are “the coolest” supervisors. He is interested in the field of biomechanics and is currently researching the effectiveness of different types of sabre fencing masks in mitigating head impacts. Mike is from Malaysia and loves all sports. One day he would like to have a pet, a Yorkshire Terrier named Chevvie to be specific. 

Student Kayla Waddington standing beside the river on campusKayla Waddington

Kayla Waddington is a first-year Kinesiology graduate student from Thunder  Bay, Ontario. Working under the supervision of Dr. Erin Pearson, she will use a  qualitative research approach to study health promotion. She is currently  working on a directed study exploring the feasibility of a community-based  lifestyle program for under-served children and youth. Her master's thesis will  look at using a Co-Active Coaching approach to enhance health and wellness  amongst early childhood educators. When not at the university, she enjoys being outdoors to hike, mountain bike, and walk her dog.


Student Andrea Zapcic standing by the river that runs through campusAndrea Zapcic

Andrea Zapcic is a first-year Kinesiology graduate student from Red Rock, Ontario. Her academic interests fall within the area of exercise physiology. Under the supervision of Dr. Kurt Smith, her master’s thesis will look into autonomic function in relation to critical incidence exposure in paramedics.  Currently she is working on a directed study, investigating cerebral blood flow in children following exercise and exploring if laughter is vascular medicine. Outside of the university, she enjoys running, hiking and teach Zumba!