Student Profiles - Master of Science in Kinesiology

Second-Year Students 


Grad Student Jordan Bedel

Jordan Bedel

Jordan Bedel is a second-year master’s student from Carleton Place, Ontario. She is being supervised by Dr. Paolo Sanzo and her interests are in musculoskeletal injuries. Her master’s thesis will focus on the effects of concussion on breathing within the special forces sector of the Canadian Armed Forces. Jordan was born in Alberta but relocated to southern Ontario at a young age. She loves playing hockey, soccer and enjoys spending time outdoors. She is excited to see where she ends up with her adored cat Rizzo.

Grad Student Celia Berry

Celia Berry

Celia is a second-year master’s student, supervised by Dr. Carlos Zerpa. Her research will focus on examining the effects of clinical heel lifts on gait symmetry in lower limb amputees. When Celia isn’t studying, she enjoys playing sports, camping, and hiking throughout Thunder Bay.

Grad Student Stephen Boulanger

Stephen Boulanger

Stephen is a second-year master’s student and graduated from the Kinesiology program at Lakehead University in 2020. Working under the supervision of Dr. Derek Kivi and committee members Dr. Paolo Sanzo & Dr. Carlos Zerpa, he is completing his thesis titled “The Impact of Unilateral vs. Bilateral Ankle Bracing on Lower Extremity Kinetics, Kinematics, and Performance in Volleyball Players”. Outside of academics he enjoys lots of sports such as; volleyball, hockey, baseball, golf, and badminton. He also loves spending time outside hiking, camping or spending time with his four dogs. 

Grad Student James Fimognari

James Fimognari

James is a second-year Master's student from Thunder Bay, supervised by Dr. Paolo Sanzo. He graduated from Lakehead Unversity in 2020 with first-class standing. He is currently interested in injury rehabilitation and sports performance in patients with Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries. His thesis will focus on the impact protective knee braces have on soccer performance following ACL reconstruction surgery. Outside of school, James enjoys spending time outdoors with his dog, hiking, travelling, and playing spikeball.

Grad Student Mikayla Grant

Mikayla Grant

Mikayla is a second-year master's student supervised by Dr. John Gotwals. She has an interest in sport psychology and her master’s thesis will focus on the relationship between perfectionism and creativity in high-level dancers with the potential moderating role of autonomy supportive dance teachers. Outside of school, Mikayla enjoys spending time outside, reading and any form of physical activity. 

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee is a second-year master’s student supervised by Dr. Taryn Klarner-Read. Her academic interests include rehabilitation needs of different populations. Her master’s thesis will explore the rehabilitative and exercise needs of those living in Northwestern Ontario who have had a stroke, using a mixed methods design. Outside of school, you can find Nicole at the skating rink as she is a competitive synchronized skater, or travelling to the next near-by country concert.

Grad Student Michael Perrier

Michael Perrier

Michael is a second-year master's student, supervised by Dr. Eryk Przyzsucha. He is from Thunder Bay, Ontario and obtained an Honors Bachelor of Kinesiology with a Minor in Physics from Lakehead University. His academic interest lies in the area of motor control and coordination. He is currently working on a systematic review of literature on the topic of unimanual coordination in individuals with stroke. Outside of academia, Michael is an avid endurance sports enthusiast. He can be found on the trail or at the gym. He also enjoys playing the classical guitar and violin.

Grad Student Kate Posluszny

Kate Posluszny

Kate is a second-year Master of Science (MSc) in Kinesiology student, supervised by Dr. Kathryn Sinden. Her thesis work examines the confluence of critical incidents on the mental health of Thunder Bay Fire Rescue (TBFR) firefighters. Kate is a graduate student member for the Centre of Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CROSH) at Laurentian University. She attained her Honours Bachelor in Kinesiology (HBKin) at Wilfrid Laurier University, with a specialty in human performance and movement, and minors in Biology and Psychology. Her academic interests include applied ergonomics and occupational health and safety, which passionately drives her occupations.  

Grad Student Abby Proteau

Abby Proteau

Abby Proteau is a second-year Kinesiology graduate student from Thunder Bay, ON. Her academic interests are within sports performance, performance variables, and injury prevention specifically in hockey players. Under the supervision of Dr. Derek Kivi, her masters thesis will be focusing on how lower body strength and hip mobility impact of forward skating in Elite level hockey players. Some pervious academic awards Abby has been a successful candidate of are, Lieutenant Governor Award, Exceptional Achievement Thunder Bay award, Dr. S. Penny Petrone Career in Medicine Scholarship. Other than her academic interest, she loves the outdoors, and downhill skiing. 

Grad Student Nicolas Renyard

Nicholas Renyard

Nicholas Renyard is a second-year master’s student from Victoria, British Columbia. He graduated from Lakehead University in May of 2020 with first-class standing. Dr. Carlos Zerpa currently supervises him with assistance from Dr. Derek Kivi and Dr. Meilan Liu. His current interests include concussion prevention for ice hockey goaltenders. This topic will be studied by recreating concussion-causing impacts in a laboratory setting. He has presented his concussion research as a panellist at the Let’s Talk Brains Symposium 2021. Outside of school, Nic enjoys coaching hockey and walking his dog, Bailey.

Grad Student Emily Tella

Emily Tella

Emily is a second-year master’s student, being supervised by Dr. Kathryn Sinden. Her current academic interests include: occupational health and safety, first responder populations, and Gerontology. Her master’s thesis is focused on better understanding the mental health barriers in place for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous police officers working in Northwestern Ontario. Outside of the university Emily enjoys reading, baking, and spending time on Lake of the Woods. 

First-Year Students

Grad Student Alysha Duivesteyn

Tom Colquhoun

Tom is a first year masters student. Under the supervision of Dr. Paolo Sanzo, he is interested in researching ankle braces and their effect on performance measures in volleyball players. Tom was born and raised in Thunder Bay, and loves to spend time outdoors, playing volleyball and alpine skiing.

Grad Student Yutong Liu

Brenden Degiacomo

Brenden is a first-year master’s student from Thunder Bay. He has many academic interests, such as psychology, neurology, physiology, and biomechanics. Under the supervision of Dr. Ian Newhouse, Brenden is working on his thesis project involving a social media based physical activity intervention for post-secondary students to combat increased mental health needs due to the pandemic. Outside of school, Brenden enjoys mountain biking, hiking with his dog and friends, tinkering with electronics, and being outside. 

Grad Student Matt Neill

Delaney Johnson

Delaney is a first-year master's student, supervised by Dr. Erin Pearson. Her academic interests are in the field of health promotion. For her thesis project, she would like to examine mental health literacy and self efficacy of university professors. Outside university, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Grad Student Kayla Waddington

Yasamin Razi

Yasamin is from Iran and working under the supervision of Dr. Nicholas Ravanelli. I graduated in Medical Science from Yazd University of Medical Sciences in 2018. After my graduation, I served as a general practitioner in governmental clinics for two years. Due to my interest in Kinesiology as well as its future career opportunities, I applied for this program. My interest areas include sports medicine and rehabilitation and I would like to enhance my knowledge and do research in these areas. I have an initial plan to work on the effect of heat stress during exercise on lactation in postpartum women. In my spare time, I enjoy doing workouts such as fitness, yoga and watching movies.

Grad Student Andrea Zapcic

Ryan Vescio

Ryan is a first-year master’s student who was born and raised in Thunder Bay, ON. He is being supervised by Dr. John Gotwals and is interested in examining perfectionism among recreational level athletes. His other interests include hockey and outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and hiking.