Graduate Program Learner Outcomes

Internally, the Graduate program realizes its learner outcomes through delivery in course offerings, independent studies, and a graduate seminar series in which students, faculty members, and visiting scholars give talks on selected areas of research.  In addition, thesis proposals and defences are included as part of the seminar series. Course listings, thesis process, roles and responsibilities of the graduate coordinator, supervisor and student are included in the Graduate Student Handbook.  Students are also encouraged to present their research at conferences and scholarly meetings, and to publish in conference proceedings and refereed journals. 

The main learner outcome for the graduate program, to refine critical and scholarly skills, is achieved by:

  • Fostering an atmosphere conducive to critical thinking, independent thought, depth of knowledge, and cooperative learning
  • Preparing interested students for doctoral or other professional degrees
  • Providing students with the opportunity to develop research skills, in both the application of statistics and advanced laboratory techniques
  • Fostering original research by students and faculty
  • Encouraging the external dissemination of knowledge