Multipurpose Research Centre

Biomechanics Laboratory

The School of Kinesiology's biomechanics laboratory houses the Peak Performance 3D Analysis technologies, 3 AMTI force analysis platforms as well as a variety of innovative hardware and software packages designed to measure force, power, and electromyographic signals. Research applications extend from the applied sporting arena to workplace ergonomics.

Adapted (Motor Development) Clinic

The Motor Development Clinic is a twice-weekly, after school physical activity program for children with movement learning difficulties. The program involves a five-step process designed to develop awareness of the problem, suggest a positive course of action, and include children, parents and professionals in a long-term solution.

Children are referred by pediatricians, psychologists, social workers, special educators, classroom teachers, and parents who are concerned about the motor development of the child.

Please contact Dr. Eryk Przysucha for more information.

Physiology Laboratory

The human performance laboratory is located in the C.J.Sanders Fieldhouse and is mainly used for exercise physiology research and laboratory experiences. Equipment housed here includes treadmill, cycle and hand crank ergometers, metabolic cart, computerized Wingate apparatus, electrocardiogram, lactate analyzers, spirometers, blood pressure cuffs, heart rate monitors, skinfold callipers, and various other instruments for both clinical and high-performance exercise testing.

Athletic & Sport Facilities

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