Indigenous Learning Theses

1996 Couchie - Can Crown Sovereignty Stand in Canada? A First Nation Perspective

1998 Collition - Ontario Retails Sales Tax and the Certificate of Indian Statue Card

1998 Perry - Petitions, Petitions and more Petitions: The Ojibway of Fort William's Struggle to Keep a Land Base and a Fishery

1998 Primeau - A Social History of the Eugenic Movement: The Enactment of the Sexual Sterililzation Act S.A. 1928 & its effect on Indian & Metis People

2003 Poulin - Experience of Northwestern Ontario Aboriginal Women in World War 2 Canadian Military

2005 Clark - The Affects of Literacy on Reading Habits of Aboriginal People in Thunder Bay

2006 Baxter-Jerome - A survey of one Year Bachelor of Education Candidates Regarding Aboriginal Issues and Resources

2007 Onabigon - Lifestyle Changes After Residential School for Long Lake 58 First Nation and Ginoogaming First Nation

2007 Pellew - Aboriginal Women in the Canadian Criminal Justice System 

2008 McRae - Dialogue in Practice: Inclusion and Encouragement of the Dialogical Process as Pedagogy makes in Possible to Overcome the Authoritarian Training Tactics in Institutionalized Education

2008 Wabasse - Opiate-Based Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse and its Correlation to Increased Violence Among Aboriginal People 

2009 Buswa - Stories of our Elders From the Long Lake First Nation Area

2009 Green - Reconstruction or Deconstruction: Identifying an Authentic Aboriginal Identity

2009 Linklater -The Attitudes and Behaviours of Aboriginal Voters: a Review and Comparison of Literature and Its Data and What these Illustrate about the Aboriginal Voter at the Federal, Provincial or Band Elections

2009 Suggashie - Indian Self-Government

2009 Twance - Little Berries on a String: The Origins and Persistence of an Ojibwe Beadwork Tradition

2010 Kenequanash - The Round Lake Ojibwa: A Study on the Loss of the Old Ways and the Adoption of the New

2011 Golding - Type 2 Diabetes in the Student Population at Lakehead University

2012 Dziver - Aboriginal Teacher Resources

2012 Williams - Traditional in Moose Factory: the Impact of Colonization within the Ethic of Sharing 

2013 Landry - Who we are Where we come From: An Exploration into Metis Identity in Northwestern Ontario

2013 Makkik - Correctional Reintegration in Nunavut and Inuit Traditional Social Order

2015 Legarde - Social Capital: an Indigenous Resource

2016 Carew - A Qualitative Study on the Colonial Impediments to the Implementation of Cultural Safety

2016 Murdoch-Gibson - The Unstated Paternity Policy and Government Regulation of Indigeneity in Matawa First Nation

2016 Chisel - Language Revitalization: A Spirit-Centred Approach to Anishinaabeemowin

2016 Wynn - Traditional Healing Ceremonies Among the Ojibwa in Northern Ontario

2017 Tibishkogijig - Wholistic Healing: Meeting the Needs of Aboriginal Youth to Prevent Suicide

2017 Brisard - Reconciliation Through Education

2017 Joseph - The Indigenous Content Requirement at Lakehead University

2017 Sinoway - In Search of Power: Intergenerational Loss