Dr. Steven Jobbitt Publishes in Spring 2021

The Department of History congratulates Dr. Steven Jobbitt in his recent publications, a co-edited book and also a book chapter with Lakehead University colleagues Dr. Stolar and Dr. Sacchetti Dufresne.


Zsolt Bottlik, Márton Berki, and Steven Jobbitt, eds. Power and Identity in the Post-Soviet Realm: Geographies of Ethnicity and Nationality after 1991 (Stuttgart: Ibidem, 2021). https://www.ibidem.eu/en/power-and-identity-in-the-post-soviet-realm.html?fbclid=IwAR2_4_VbI6BPUkaFi7E2xkR63ilL2g6eEwab9f2-bpUvUeSkL_uiP8X6gCo


Steven Jobbitt, "Dance and the Fulfillment of Multicultural Desire: The Reflections of an Accidental Ukrainian," in Moving Together: Dance and Pluralism in Canada, eds. Allan C. Lindgren, Batia Boe Stolar, and Clara Sacchetti (Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2021): 273-86. https://www.wlupress.wlu.ca/Books/M/Moving-Together

Dance and Pluralism in Canada photograph of book jacket