What does a career in Health Sciences and Public Health look like?

Not sure what an MPH or MHSc degree can do for you and your career? After graduation, students can go on to work as public health consultants, policy analysts, public health nurses, epidemiologists, academics, infectious disease consultants, health promoters, and more!  Below you will find a few examples of former students and their careers in Public Health and Health Sciences.


Photo of former students

Harleen Hans, MHSc specialization in Epidemiology

A recent graduate from the Master of Health Sciences with Specialization in Epidemiology program, Harleen Hans, was offered permanent employment before she graduated from the program! She completed her practicum with the PPE strategy team of Health Canada's Covid-19 Task Force, which then transitioned into employment as an Epidemiologist. 


Photo of former student

Halley Cote, MPH specialization in Indigenous & Northern Health

Halley Cote graduated from the Master of Public Health with a Specialization in Indigenous and Northern Health. With the sklils and knowledge gained from completing the MPH program, Halley was offered a Public Health Leader position with a local Health Authority in BC.


Photo of former student







Avril Beaubien, Master of Public Health with Specialization in Epidemiology

Avril, now working for the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Department, shares the story of her career journey in a presentation entitled "Well that's a unique career path...and it turns out you can make an elevator pitch in an elevator". To hear more about Avril's story, click here to watch her presentation.