Suggested Program Plan (Course Option)

We suggest that all students in the Master of Public Health with Specialization in Indigenous and Northern Health program (course option) complete the following.

  • Standard Full-time students must complete all requirements within 6 terms (2 years)
  • Flexible Full-time students must complete all requirements within 12 terms (4 years)

For detailed information about each course, see our University Calendar.





Year 1

HESC 5010: Foundations of Public & Population Health

HESC 5013: Social and Ecological Determinants of Health

HESC 5070: Epidemiology I


HESC 5030: Introduction to Biostatistics

HESC 5210: Health Promotion & Illness Prevention

HESC 5213: Environmental and Occupational Public Health

Elective #1

Year 2

HESC 5214: Indigenous Health and Healthcare

HESC 5510: Program Planning and Evaluation


HESC 5215: Northern and Remote Health and Healthcare

Elective #2


HESC 5805: Practicum and Report

Graduate level elective courses that are not Public Health courses must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator.