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 Ethical Review

The Lakehead University Ethical Review Committee must approve all studies whose research involves human or animal subjects. You may obtain information on how to submit an ethics application by contacting the Office of Research or by visiting our Ethics & Research Integrity page. If you are uncertain whether your study requires ethical approval (e.g. use of archival data), please consult with your Supervisor or the Graduate Coordinator. Ethics approval to proceed must be received before data collection may begin.

Completion of ethical review may take up to three weeks before approval is granted (longer during the summer months, when the committee does not meet regularly). You should complete the oral presentation of your proposal before submitting the ethics proposal. Suggestions may arise following your presentation that may be helpful in modifying your design.

Please ensure that your submission adheres to the requirements for Research Involving Human Subjects or Animal Use in Research or Teaching as described by the Office of Research.


Students are encouraged to publish their findings in scholarly journals and present at conferences.