The Artery

Our experiences with books are truly unique. Some people love the smell of a new book, or an old one from their childhood. Others love used books and finding inscriptions and scribbles from previous readers. We remember our grandparents' libraries and we know what it's like to curl up with a book you love and become absorbed in it. However, our favourite books don't just appear in our hands one day - we know what we like and how to find it. Sometimes, we even make books ourselves.

That's where writing comes in. Whether we write down grocery lists, essays, signatures, or even curse exams by scratching away at the wood in our favourite carrels, our writing shows at least something on our mind at the time. Some things we write will vanish over time while others attempt to become immortalized in print. Whether you knew it or not, The English Student Association at Lakehead provides an opportunity to publish all kinds of literature in the form of our very own literary magazine, The Artery

The Artery was first published in 2008 and has since released fourteen editions with more on the way. You don't have to be a current student to submit - The Artery features writing from students, faculty, and alumni (as long as they went to Lakehead). So far, there has been anything from plays to short stories, haikus, jokes, letters, essays, limericks, and the list goes on. The Artery is a book, but so much more at the same time. In our bodies, arteries pump oxygenated blood away from our hearts. By giving our stories oxygen to breathe, we bring them to life and send them away from our hearts. Our stories are the blood, providing the literary nutrients you need to keep you alive and healthy. 

You can help us keep The Artery alive and healthy too. We have maximum of two publications a year but submissions are accepted all year round. 

The submission deadline is extended to January 20th 2023.
The ESA's literary magazine, The Artery, is now accepting submissions for the upcoming Winter 2023 edition. We accept all forms of creative writing including poetry, short stories, plays, rants, jokes, visual art and everything in between. 

How to submit: 
Email your piece as a .pdf or .dox file to . 
No more than 4 pieces/ submissions per person
Poetry or similar must be 150 lines or less.
Prose or similar must be 2500 words or less.
Visual Art must be portrait oriented and in a digital format. Cover submissions must be in landscape orientation and preferably in colour. Pencil art, in addition to poetry submissions is encouraged, but must be submitted in separate .pdf files. The .pdf file must include the name of the poem as the title. Pages on the inside will be printed in black and white. 
External submissions will not be accepted at this time. Only Lakehead students, alumni, or faculty may submit their work to The Artery. 
Email any questions or concerns to

Here is what to do:

1. Write your piece (max 150 lines for poetry or 2500 words for prose), or compose your visual art
2. Format it in Word or GoogleDoc the way that you want to see it on the page
3. Double-check for errors - We can't assume a spelling/grammar error was an accident. They can be intentional too!
4. Save the file with the title as the file name. e.g. If your piece is called "Portage", then save it as Portage.docx.
5. Send it to with your LakeheadU mail account.
6. No need to include your name in the document as your email provides that information. Editing is done anonymously.
7. Stay posted either through or follow us:

Facebook: @thearterylu 

Instagram: @esaartery

Twitter: @ArteryZine


If you want to know how you can get involved outside of submitting, email us at any time or drop by the English department and we'll see what we can do. 

This year, Winter 2023, the Artery will be available online to download your copy of the "print" version.  Last year’s Artery is also available as a "print" version and physical copies may be purchased from the Lakehead Alumni Bookstore ($10.00).  

To purchase The Artery (only $7.00), previous editions, check out The Study on the Thunder Bay Campus and The Bookstore on either campus, the Department of English RB3029, or send us an email and we'll work out the details. These venues may or may not be open due to the current pandemic restrictions.  Whether you submit to The Artery or find yourself reading one, enjoy yourself!

The Artery Executive & Others behind the scenes

Damanpreet Kaur, President 

Cristina MorrielloThe Artery Editor-in-Chief 

Sophie Kuhn, Event/Social Media Coordinator

Rebecca Toman, Secretary

Katherine Ketelaar, Orillia Representative

Faculty and Staff Liaisons                                                                   

Dr. Scott Pound and the Department of English Administrative Assistant