Outdoor Ecological & Experiential Education (OE3) Information

Taking Environmental Science as a teachable gives you the opportunity to participate in the Outdoor Ecological and Experiential Education (OE3) stream. This will help you to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to design and deliver outdoor education programs in traditional and non-traditional school settings. 

What is the OE3 Schedule?

The OE3 schedule is a unique opportunity for teacher candidates who are part of the Environmental Science teachable. This schedule will prepare you to address the ecological and experiential needs of learners through authentic and holistic learning. The OE3 schedule combines our regular BEd program with preparation to teach Environmental Science, along with the opportunity to learn about ecological literacy, experiential learning, and holistic values. 

The OE3 stream will broaden your teaching focus to include non-conventional teaching locations such as the outdoors or the wider community. 

OE3 Practicums

During one of your placements, you will have the opportunity to develop and display your teaching abilities outside of a regular classroom setting, if desired. 

For more information about alternative placements and your teaching practicum, see our Practicum Information page or our Outdoor Ecological and Experiential Education (OE3) Placement Sites page.