Four-or Five-Year Concurrent Bachelor Degree Programs (Thunder Bay)

This section applies to Thunder Bay students who have enrolled in a Four-or Five-Year Concurrent Bachelor Degree Program before August 31, 2015

Our Four-or Five-Year Concurrent Bachelor Degree Programs give you the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) as well as a Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in a partnering discipline. Completing this program will prepare you to teach learners effectively and to address Ontario’s curriculum requirements.

Once you complete your Four-Year Concurrent Bachelor Degree, you will receive a Bachelor degree in a partnering discipline, a BEd, and we will recommend you to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for certification to teach in Ontario.

For more information about completing your Four-or Five-Year Concurrent Bachelor Degree Program see our Academic Program and General Policies Guide: One-Year BEd Professional Year 2015-2016 and use the following resources:

Note: You must meet all of your program’s requirements, including your Bachelor degree and your One-Year BEd, by spring 2019 in order to meet the OCT’s certification requirements

Program Requirements

To complete your Four-or Five Year Concurrent Bachelor Degree Program, you must finish two components by spring 2019; these include your Bachelor degree (three-or four-year) and your BEd Professional Year.

Completing a Bachelor Degree

As part of your program, you must first complete your Bachelor degree (three-or four-year) in a discipline other than Education. To receive your degree and proceed to your professional year, you must meet the degree requirements of the partnering program as well as complete certain Education courses. For each degree’s specific requirements, click the following:

Note: Your division (P/J, J/I, or I/S) and teaching subjects will determine some of the courses that you must complete during your Bachelor Degree; make sure to check our Course Calendar for all requirements

Completing a One-Year Bachelor of Education Degree Program

Once you complete your Bachelor degree, you will work to develop your professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes by completing a one-year BEd. To receive your BEd, you must complete a series of courses that consist of common core courses, curriculum and instruction courses, and electives.

During your professional year, you must select your courses, except electives, by selecting a pre-set schedule. If you are a P/J candidate, you must select your courses from one of our Professional Program On-Site Delivery (PPOD) schedules while I/S candidates must choose one of our Regular Schedules according to your two teaching subjects.

Note: You must approach all of your course work as well as your practicum in a professional and responsible manner. Throughout your professional year, you must maintain full-time attendance; failure to meet this requirement may result in a failed grade, which can result in a failed year

Common Core Courses

If you are in a Four-or Five-Year Concurrent Bachelor Degree Program, no matter your division, you must complete specific common core courses. These courses help you to build the fundamental knowledge and skills to become an effective teacher. Common core courses also include your teaching practicum, which gives you the chance to gain important in-class experience. For more information about out one-year common core courses, click the following:

Note: Common core courses include EDUC 4499, which is your in-class practicum

Curriculum & Instruction Courses

As part of your One-Year BEd, you must also complete specific curriculum and instruction courses that prepare you to teach particular subjects and learners. These division-specific courses help you to teach the required curriculum and to advance your teaching abilities in a wide-range of topics (P/J), your teachables (I/S), or a combination of both (J/I). For more information about your division’s course requirements, click the following:

Elective Courses

During your program, you are eligible to take a specific number of elective courses based on your division. These electives can help you to tailor your education to your teaching interests; you are able to focus on topics that you would like to incorporate into a classroom experience. For a list of all available electives and the number of electives that you can complete, click the following:

Admission Requirements

Once you begin your Four-of Five-Year Concurrent Bachelor Degree Program, you must meet certain requirements before August 2018 to enter your BEd Professional Year.

Entering a One-Year Bachelor of Education Degree Program

To enter your professional year, you must meet the requirements of your partnering degree program as well as your BEd's academic and non-academic requirements.

Academic Prerequisites

These include completing your partnering undergraduate degree, while maintaining a certain academic average and completing specific courses. Your proposed teaching division and specialization determines the courses that you must complete; these courses help to ensure that you have the necessary content knowledge to meet your division’s curriculum requirements.

Non-Academic Prerequisites

Prior to entering your professional year or having any contact with students, you must complete and then submit the following:

For more information about our non-academic prerequisites such as specific details as well as where to submit them, click the above links.