If you are a part of the Outdoor Ecological and Experiential Education (OE3) schedule, your placement can be anywhere in Ontario; this means that some appropriate placements can occur in remote locations throughout the province. You must complete your OE3 placement with an experienced teacher who is a member, in good standing, with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT); he or she must be delivering the Ontario curriculum at the Intermediate/Senior (I/S) division.

OE3 Placement Sites

OE3 placements typically occur during the winter session as most outdoor education programs run during that time. For our OE3 placement sites as well as information about the locations, see the following resources:

Applying for your OE3 Placement

To apply for your OE3 placement, use the following resources:

  1. Review the two files listed above (Northern Ontario/Southern Ontario OE3 sites). If you are aware of a suitable site that is not on the above list, provide its contact information, by email, to the placement officer
  2. Your OE3 instructor will discuss your placement options and recommend where you should complete your OE3 placement, and will provide you with the OE3 placement form in September.  If you complete and submit a list of your OE3 preferences, you are agreeing to attend the placement if it is available. However, if we cannot arrange an OE3 placement, the placement officer will place you with the school board on your OE3 Placement Preference Form
  3. You should communicate your placement recommendations to the placement officer by the end of the second week of classes in September
  4. The placement office will arrange placements and then notify you when they confirm it
  5. The rules and regulations of the regular placement also apply to the OE3 placement. As part of your OE3 placement, you may need to participate in weekend excursions, overnight field trips, and after-Education activities; these additional hours are ineligible to meet the needs of your practicum

To apply for your fall session practicum (non-OE3) please review our Lakehead University Thunder Bay Placement Information Session: Professional Year (One Year).  Select "OE3 Placement" from the drop-down list of school boards.  Year Two students will be sent the Year Two Placement Form near the end of Year One.