Mobile Technology Labs - Orillia

iPad Cart

Our iPad cart provides you, as an instructor, to use technology in the classroom in order to teach a lesson or perform technology-related tasks.


  • Instructors must book through the administrative assistant providing a minimum of one business days notice, with two days notice being preferred
  • When booking, you must include the proposed room of use, course number, and course section
  • Mandatory time between books is four hours (re-charge)
  • You must sign the IPads out as a unit, there are no individual iPad loans
  • You can only use the iPads in Heritage Place
  • When not in use, the iPad cart must be plugged in and stored in Room OH 018
  • Students who require the use of the iPads for class presentations must have their instructor make the booking, pickup and return the cart

Pick Up & Return

  • During pick up and return, check for all units and power cords
  • Two people must help to move the iPad cart
  • When moving a cart you must push it. Do not pull the cart
  • When not in use, the iPad must be plugged in and stored in Room OH 018

In Classroom Use

  • Usage of the equipment is for in-class instructional purposes
  • You, the instructor, are responsible for checking that all machines are returned in the same condition as they were picked up
  • No data is to be saved on the machines
  • Students are required to bring a USB drive if the assignment requires them to save and keep files
  • In the classroom, the machines should be used on battery power; the power cords must stay docked in the cart

General Usage Notes

  • Be aware of the save location on software such as iLife. You must save projects on an external storage device
  • No food or drink on the cart
  • Software requests per TSC lab policy, but you must direct all requests to the Chair of Orillia Education programs

Apple iPad Lab