Dr. Pauline Sameshima Awarded SSHRC Connections Grant for Research and Innovation Community Events

Dr. Pauline Sameshima, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Arts Integrated Studies, was awarded a SSHRC Connections Grant. The grant, matched with funding from the Office of Research Services, supported the first Social Innovation Forum: a full-day event that focused on community-based research addressing some of the most pressing social issues in our communities.

Co-Investigators on the grant were: Charles Levkoe, Christopher Mushquash, David Greenwood, Elaine Wiersma, Max Haiven and Collaborator: PhebeAnn Wolframe-Smith. Visioning and planning for the Social Innovation Forum was supported by Pauline Sameshima, Charles Levkoe, Elaine Wiersma, Anne Klymenko, Batia Stolar, PhebeAnn Wolframe-Smith and Rita Nicholas.

“The Forum, which was part of Lakehead University’s Research and Innovation Week 2018, was designed to showcase the impact that community-University partnerships can have on social justice and innovation,” Dr. Sameshima explains.

The Forum began with a luncheon, with keynote speaker Dr. Katherine Graham (Carleton Centre for Community Innovation) speaking on the topic of “Who’s in Charge Here? Community-Based Research and Social Innovation.”

In the afternoon, a research conversation took place between Lakehead researchers and community organizations, discussing topics of concern to Thunder Bay and the region. Recommendations from the community conversation will help inform the development of a community engaged research strategy for Lakehead University.

The evening research panel, entitled “City Limits: Addressing Social Injustice through Community-Based Research,” brought together diverse local, national, and international researchers who discussed barriers to inclusion in urban environments, and how community-based research can support potential solutions. Dr. Sameshima was the panel facilitator.

“The day’s events aimed to create dialogues on how Lakehead University’s research capacity can be utilized to inform and address challenges confronting community organizations and our city. Through the Forum, we honoured the opportunities to bring community and University together,” she says.