Books Featuring Contributions by Education Faculty Members Win AESA Awards

Two recently published books, featuring contributions by Faculty of Education members Dr. Michael Hoechsmann, Dr. Ellen Field, Dr. Connie Russell, and Dr. Gerald Walton have won 2022 American Educational Studies Association (AESA) Critics’ Choice Awards.

The three-volume, 125-chapter book, The SAGE Handbook of Critical Pedagogies (S. Steinberg & B. Down, editors) features a chapter by Connie Russell ("Fat Pedagogy and the Disruption of Weight-Based Oppression: Toward the Flourishing of All Bodies") and a chapter by Gerald Walton ("In a Rape Culture, Can Boys Actually Be Boys?"). Michael Hoechsmann edited the 10-chapter section on "Communication and Media." For more information on this book, see this link.

Education for Democracy 2.0: Changing Frames of Media Literacy, co-edited by Dr. Michael Hoechsmann, Gina Thésée (Université du Québec à Montréal), and Paul R. Carr (Université du Québec en Outaouais) has also won an AESA Critics' Choice Award. The book features a chapter by Ellen Field ("Is It All Just Emojis and LOL, or Can Social Media Foster Environmental Literacy and Activism?"). For more information on this book, see this link.