Education Faculty and Students Curate a Special Issue of Pathways Journal

In conjunction with Lakehead’s Year of Climate Action, Faculty members Dr. Ellen Field (Assistant Professor, Orillia) and Dr. Paul Berger (Associate Professor, Thunder Bay), along with graduate students Devon Lee (PhD program) and Sara Layton, Olivia Hunt, and Craig Barclay (MEd program) edited and curated a special issue of Pathways: Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, titled “Year of Climate Action.”

The Summer 2022 issue of the Journal features numerous examples of graduate and undergraduate student learning and engagement with climate change in the Faculty.

As outlined in the Editors’ introduction, “We have curated this Special Issue … to share [Lakehead] student writing, multi-modal media art, and poetry about the climate crisis as both a call-to-action and pedagogical inquiry on how we, collectively, as educators, can turn to what profoundly matters in these moments of rapid change and uncertainty. … The pieces selected for this theme are snapshots of our students’ sense of urgency, and offer windows into the accompanying complex climate emotions and the importance of action.”

The journal’s contents are organized into four themes exploring climate change education and pedagogy: Connections to Place and Land - Flourishing and Survival; Urgency and Processing Complex Emotions; Agency and Activism; and Climate Change Education.

Pathways is published by the Council of Outdoor Educators of Ontario (COEO), a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that promotes outdoor education experiences for people of all ages.

To access a digital copy of the Special Issue, please contact Ellen Field.