Dr. Gary Pluim’s Research Featured in OrilliaMatters News

Dr. Gary Pluim (Assistant Professor, Orillia campus) is leading a study that follows the transfer of curriculum between Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Eurasia, and sub-Saharan Africa.

His research was recently featured in OrilliaMatters News, as part of their “Research in Action” series.

As Gary notes in the write-up, “The research looks at the extent to which educational programming can be packaged and exported to different countries, the assumptions we make about the nature of knowledge, and the implications of sharing curriculum around the world. We draw on decolonial scholarship to critique a widespread perception that curriculum and knowledge are universal. In this vein we ask, ‘to what extent does place, culture, and nationality matter in education?’”

To read the story about Gary’s research, click here.