Dr. Gerald Walton Receives Distinguished Instructor Award

Faculty of Education Professor Dr. Gerald Walton is the recipient of Lakehead University’s 2021 Distinguished Instructor Award. This is the University’s most prestigious teaching award, recognizing an individual who has made a significant contribution to teaching excellence and educational innovation and leadership over a number of years.

The presentation of the award was made by Lakehead University’s Provost and Vice-President, Dr. David Barnett. He read the following citation:

“Since joining the Faculty of Education in 2008, Dr. Gerald Walton has established himself as an outstanding instructor, a committed researcher and communicator and valued colleague. It is, however, his commitment to equity that really makes Gerald the distinguished instructor that he is.

Equity in education is closely tied to the practices employed by an instructor. It means opening opportunities for all students to fully engage with challenging ideas in an environment that values that engagement. It means opening opportunities for all students to participate fully in the practices, and with the knowledge base, of the discipline. And most importantly, it means opening opportunities for all students to be seen and valued as full participants of the learning community. These are the practices that Gerald pushes himself to develop and model, and it is these practices that inspire Gerald’s students.

One criterion for this Award is to demonstrate leadership in teaching and other activities across the wider university landscape. Gerald has served on a number of university committees over the years, and has taken the lead on a number of initiatives that promote equity and support for international and graduate students. Further afield, Gerald has been prominent in fearlessly and honestly communicating the need for societal change across multiple media. These activities have contributed to raising the profile of important issues and leading the public discourse about them.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Gerald Walton, the 2021 recipient of the Distinguished Instructor Award.”