Dr. Sonja Grover Publishes New Book: Peremptory International Legal Norms and the Democratic Rule of Law

A new book edited by Dr. Sonja Grover (Professor, Faculty of Education), Peremptory International Legal Norms and the Democratic Rule of Law, has been published.

As explained on the Routledge website, the book “explores the risks to the democratic State inherent in the attempt to divorce the notion of democratic rule of law from respect for and adherence to peremptory international legal norms which allow for no derogation therefrom, such as the prohibition against torture and against inhumane treatment or punishment by the State.

The chapters address, with specific current case examples, in what ways the democratic rule of law within certain democratic States risks being undermined through those States acquiescing to the erosion of peremptory international law norms in the domestic and international context. The book therefore explores the question of in what ways such democratic State acquiescence in effect may ultimately disrupt the investment within the State in the shared culture of core human rights values that underlies democratic rule of law itself and highlights the fragility of that shared culture.

The contributors argue for a renewed commitment in principle and practice to the democratic rule of law and to its human rights international normative underpinnings.”

This book will be of interest to scholars of international law, human rights and democracy.