Dr. Pauline Sameshima Featured as Distinguished Outstanding Alumna of UBC

Dr. Pauline Sameshima, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Arts Integrated Studies, has been featured as a distinguished and outstanding alumna of the University of British Columbia (PhD in Curriculum Studies, 2006).

An interview and biography, published here, discusses Dr. Sameshima’s current research projects and creative research methods, which “seek to respond to pressing calls for Canada to nurture and develop creativity and innovation capacity by leveraging broad interdisciplinary approaches.”

Dr. Sameshima has received numerous honours and awards in her career. Her collaborative research model framework, Parallaxic Praxis, has been taken up in research projects ranging from HIV research, interpersonal violence, mental health care, dementia studies, technology and inclusive education, knowledge generation, literacy, and more. Her book on this framework, Parallaxic Praxis: Multimodal Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Research Design, co-authored by Dr. Patricia Maarhuis (Washington State University) and Dr. Sean Wiebe (University of Prince Edward Island) will be available shortly from Vernon Press.