PhD student Kelsey Robson Wins Italian Studies Graduate Award

Faculty of Education PhD student Kelsey Robson has won the Institute of Italian Studies Graduate Award for her research on Reggio Emilia Kindergartens.

Kelsey travelled to Italy as part of her research, visiting Reggio schools to study their approach to early childhood education.

In a published paper co-written with her supervisor, Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo, Kelsey describes the philosophy of the Reggio approach as guided by 12 principles: “collaboration, the image of the child, environment as a third teacher, relationships, transparency, documentation, pedagogical documentation, provocation, progettazione (term used to describe curriculum), one hundred languages of children, respect, and reciprocity.”

The Italian Studies Graduate Award is given out every second year to a graduate student based on academic excellence and a research topic that contributes to the promotion and appreciation of the Italian culture.