Dr. Ann Kajander and Co-Editors Publish New Book: Teaching and Learning Secondary School Mathematics

Bridging the gap between mathematics education research and practice is a key focus of the recently published Teaching and Learning Secondary School Mathematics (2018, Springer).

Co-edited by Associate Professor Dr. Ann Kajander (Lakehead University), Dr. Jennifer Holm (University of Alberta), and Dr. Egan Chernoff (University of Saskatchewan), the volume – featuring a roster of Canadian and international authors – provides a synopsis of recent research about secondary level mathematics teaching and learning.

As stated on the Springer website: “The chapters address topics of broad applicability such as technology in learning mathematics, recent interest in social justice contexts in the learning of mathematics, as well as Indigenous education. The voices of classroom practitioners, the group ultimately responsible for implementing this new vision of mathematics teaching and learning, are not forgotten. Each section includes a chapter written by a classroom teacher, making this volume unique in its approach.”

Mathematics educator Dr. Ann Kajander, who has taught mathematics at the secondary and post-secondary level, says the book is designed to fill a gap in the literature and includes a uniquely Canadian perspective, situated in an international context. She reports that the editorial team was particularly thrilled with the book’s Forward, written by Indigenous mathematician and educator Edward Doolittle, in which he observes that “many of the chapters of this book are directly about Indigenous mathematics education” and that he was pleased to find some “connections to Indigenous cultures, issues, and peoples” in every chapter of the book.

Each of the book’s six sections is introduced with a Preface (or two) by senior Canadian mathematics education scholars or mathematicians. The final Commentaries in each section situate the chapters in an international context, including eight commentaries from scholars representing five different continents.