Dr. Ann Kajander’s Mathematics Research Supported through Fields Institute Grant

Dr. Ann Kajander, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, is an Expert Panel member of the Mathematics Knowledge Network, hosted by the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences.

The Fields Institute was recently awarded a five-year grant from the Ministry of Education to host the Mathematics Knowledge Network for Ontario. Within the larger network are four Communities of Practice. Dr. Kajander's project, entitled Transitions in Grade 9 Mathematics, is contained within the Critical Transitions Community of Practice.

Dr. Kajander explains that this grant will enable her to continue her research projects in conjunction with the Mathematics Knowledge Network, with a special focus on Grade 9 transitions and locally developed math courses.

"The Locally Developed courses are not evaluated by EQAO, and hence often fall outside the funding sources for school improvement. These courses, taken by some of our very neediest students, serve 7% of Grade 9 students provincially, with a slightly higher percentage locally. It's time these students' needs become more of a focus,” she explains.

The Mathematics Knowledge Network brings together diverse mathematics education stakeholders from across Ontario to mobilize evidence from research and professional practice and facilitate the use of evidence-based practices for mathematics instruction, to support improved educational achievement.