Indigenous Language Teacher's Diploma Program (ILTD)


Our Indigenous Language Teacher's Diploma Program with a specialization in Native as a Second Language (NASL) is for individuals who want to teach Algonquian languages as a second language in a primary or secondary schools.  This program takes four summers to complete and equips you with the skills, pedagogical knowledge and cultural appreciation that is required to teach a second language.

Once you complete our Indigenous Language Teacher's Diploma program, you will be to apply to the Ontario College of Teacher's for registration and qualification to teach (Ojibwe, Cree or Oji-Cree) as a second language.  

Program Information

Our Indigenous Language Teacher's Diploma Program runs during the month of July and requires you to complete both course work as well as a mandatory student teaching practicums. To earn our Indigenous Language Teacher's Diploma you must complete courses in each of the following:

  • Algonquian linguistic courses, which help you to understand your language’s structure and develop an appreciation and pride for language
  • Methodology courses, which provide you with training in the basic methods and techniques for teaching Algonquian languages 
  • Pedagogy courses, which introduce you to practical pedagogical principles that are necessary to work and teach in a school setting 
  • During the school year (fall/winter), you must compete an 80 day student teaching practicum

To learn more about our program including its year-by-year course requirements and individual course descriptions, please see our NLIP Calendar entry.

Staying in Thunder Bay

We deliver all of our Algonquian language courses at our Thunder Bay campus. If you are an out of town student who is participating in the Indigenous Language Teacher's Diploma Program, accommodations are available through Lakehead University’s Residence.  For more information, please visit Lakehead University’s Residence page.