Indigenous Language Specialist's Certificate


Our Indigenous Language Specialists Certificate is a two part program that focuses on linguistic analysis and research related to an Algonquian language.  These certificate programs allow you to study the linguistic structure and cultural importance of an Algonquian language while also analyzing its use.

Once you complete the Indigenous Language Specialist’s Certificate, you will receive a certificate and we will add the qualifications to your official transcript.

Program Information

To receive our Indigenous Language Specialist’s Certificate, you must complete both Part I and Part II of the program.  Both Part I and Part II consist of course work that analyzes an Algonquian language in its oral and written forms.  Part I and Part II involve the following courses:

Indigenous Languages Specialist's Certificate Part I
  • Algonquin 1212, 1232, 2213 and 2233
  • Native Languages 3511 and 3531
Indigenous Language Specialist Certificate Part 2
  • Native Languages 3251, 3711, 3751, 3811 and 3813
  • Education 1574

For more information about Part I and Part II of our Indigenous Language Specialist’s Certificate such as individual course descriptions, please see our Native Languages Calendar entry.