About Aboriginal Education

We Provide an Exceptional Learning Experience

We offer a supportive and accepting environment for you to learn and develop your knowledge, teaching skills, and professional abilities. Our programs provide Aboriginal students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and earn a Ontario College of Teacher's Certificate through our Diploma Programs (HBEd and BA/BEd), or an Indigenous Language Teacher's Diploma (ILTD) through our Indigenous Language Instructor's Program (ILIP). 

Experience is Part of Learning

Our programs use a wide range of teaching styles to not only transfer knowledge, but to also teach you how to share it in the classroom. We believe that you should have the opportunity to learn and experience information in both a face-to-face and experiential setting.

We use holistic learning techniques to help nurture your intellectual self as well as your emotional, spiritual, and physical self. By embracing your learning needs as well as adding new experiences, you will be able to successfully teach and share knowledge with others.

Hand crafted indigenous beadwork

Your Education does not stop in the Classroom

At Lakehead, we know that your growth, success, and education requires more than in-class learning. We, with help from Aboriginal Cultural and Support Services, offer a variety of holistic learning opportunities and student services that will help you to advance your knowledge outside of the classroom. These services include the following:

  • Elder-in-Residence Program for individual and group support
  • Cultural teachings, smudging, and ceremonies
  • Rock Your Mocs Annual Event
  • Seasonal feasts (four per year)*
  • Sweat Lodge Site and Medicine Garden (Thunder Bay campus)*
  • Monthly Miijin Noongom (student potlucks)*
  • Drumming, traditional crafts, and beading circles*
  • Annual Fall Harvest and LUNSA Pow wow celebrations showcasing Indigenous culture*

*    These services are not currently available at Lakehead University Orillia; however, efforts are currently underway to extend these services to the Orillia Campus.