Civil Engineering Elective Courses

Updated July 24, 2020

Civil Engineering students will normally select their engineering elective courses from the following list. Not all elective courses in this list will be offered every year.  The proposed course offerings for the 2020/2021 academic year are indicated below. They may change depending on timetabling and resource restraints. Engineering elective course descriptions are available in the Lakehead University Calendar.

Fall 2020:

  • ECIV 0336: Special Topics in Civil Engineering (Wind Engineering)
  • ECIV 0553: Traffic Engineering
  • ECIV 0652: Wood Structures Design

Winter 2021:

  • ECIV 0135:  Bridge Engineering
  • ECIV 0233:  Structural Design Topics
  • ECIV 0235:  Water Resources and Hydropower Development
  • ECIV 0336:  Special Topics in Civil Engineering (Hydraulic Structures)
  • ECIV 0637:  Geotechnical Engineering Topics

On the advice of the Chair of the Civil Engineering Department students may interchange the position of Complementary Studies Electives and Engineering electives from one term to another in their program to accommodate course selection.