Chemical Engineering Elective Courses

Updated July 12, 2022

Chemical Engineering students will normally select their engineering elective courses from the following list. Not all elective courses in this list will be offered every year. Engineering elective course descriptions are available in the Lakehead University Calendar.

  • ECHE 0334: Specific Topics in Chemical Engineering (Thermophysical Properties of Materials) (offered in Fall 2022)
  • ECHE 0335: Air Pollution Control Methods and Analysis
  • ECHE 0339: Process Optimization
  • ECHE 0631: Bioprocess Engineering (offered in Fall 2022)
  • ECHE 0653: Fundamentals of Petroleum Recovery (offered in Winter 2023)
  • ECHE 0671: Pulp and Paper Manufacture
  • ECHE 0673: Biological Treatment Processes (offered in Winter 2023)
  • ECHE 0674: Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • ECHE 0676: Mineral Processing

NOTE: EMEC 0657 Energy Conversion Engineering may be available as a Chemical Engineering elective with permission of the Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department. You must consult and receive permission from the Chair of Chemical Engineering prior to registration.

On the advice of the Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department students may interchange the position of Complementary Studies Electives and Engineering electives from one year to another in their program to accommodate course selection.