Business College Transfer Program

Transfer students have always been welcome. From the earliest days, the Faculty of Business has sought to encourage and facilitate students' life-long learning. We have done so by recognizing learning regardless of its many possible origins. Consistent with the belief that we offer one of the most personalized post-secondary educational environments, we have made (and continue to make) every effort to tailor each student's program of studies to his/her current needs based on past education and experience.

We were the first Business School in Ontario to offer a formal transfer program for graduates of three-year Community College Business Programs who wanted to add the level of analytical skills commonly taught in university programs to their personal qualifications. We continue to offer this option with a clear understanding gained from years of experience of the support needed to help students make the transition from college to university an easier one.

There are several specific ways a college graduate can transfer into a business program at Lakehead University:

  • College Transfer Program to the Bachelor of Administration Program
  • College Transfer Program to the Honours Bachelor of Commerce Program

How to Apply

To apply to one of these programs, please visit Lakehead University's Admissions page.