MSc and PhD positions -NEW LISTING!

Joint Graduate Study Positions for Domestic Students at Lakehead University-Jointly with Stanford University and Yale University in USA

Two joint graduate study positions (Master’s or Ph.D) for domestic students (only for Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada) at Lakehead University in Canada & jointly with Stanford University and Yale University in USA are available for highly motivated excellent students with high average marks (A or A+) in course studies. The applicants should have strong interest in conducting molecular biotechnology research.

 The students will study (1) molecular biology of microorganisms and microbial genetic/metabolic engineering for improving enzyme production (2) molecular biology of gene expression, non-coding RNA genes, and RNA interference technology, using microbial systems. The students will register at Lakehead University but will also conduct thesis research at Stanford University or Yale University. We have had very successful joint graduate student training experience with universities in USA.

 If you are a Canadian or Permanent Resident of Canada and have strong interest to study in the aforementioned fields, please send us your updated CV with contact information of 3 references. For our lab’s basic information, please click:

Contact email address:

Thank you very much!