President's Guidelines: Vice-Presidents and Principal (Orillia Campus) Renewals

Guidelines for Implementation 

At least eighteen (18) months before the expiration of a Vice-President’s or the Principal, Orillia Campus’s term, the President will discuss the intent to renew with the incumbent. If the President and the incumbent are open to reappointment, the President will inform the Board Executive Committee of the initiation of a review, and of the general nature of the process and criteria to be employed. The President will manage the process as expeditiously as possible and normally report its outcome to the Board within four months of its initiation.

  1. The review will be carried out either by the President, directly, or with the assistance of an advisory group appointed and chaired by the President, in the President’s sole discretion, subject to paragraph 3 below.
  2. Any reappointment that would extend the incumbent beyond two full five-year terms (or any combination of terms exceeding ten years in total) will be done with the assistance of an advisory committee.
  3. The criteria employed in the review will focus on whether actual performance at Lakehead University has met the goals and expectations established for the incumbent’s current term of office and whether continued successful performance is expected in a further term. Core criteria will include:
    • Progress in meeting portfolio goals;
    • Contribution to the achievement of strategic institutional priorities;
    • Contributions to the effectiveness of the Executive Team;
    • Development of effective working relationships within, and beyond, the portfolio;
    • The Vice-President’s or Principal, Orillia Campus’s intended goals and vision for another term in office; and
    • Such other criteria as the President, in his sole discretion, deems advisable.


The President will ensure that those familiar with the incumbent’s leadership accomplishments and working style be given an opportunity to provide input about the incumbent’s performance, particularly with respect to the review criteria. Depending on the portfolio, those invited to comment could include a representative sample of colleagues, direct reports, university units impacted by the incumbent’s work, representative campus groups, members of the Board, or members of the external community with relevant knowledge. The mix of those approached directly for comment will be chosen by the President, in his sole discretion, and with respect to the incumbent’s portfolio responsibilities and particular areas of focus. Written and oral comments will be treated as confidential to the President and to any formal advisory body assisting the President in the review process.

  1. In reporting to the Board on the outcome of the review process, the President should identify the:
    • Decision and the main factors that influenced it;
    • Overview of the process used and the extent that input was sought from individuals and groups most likely to be well-informed about the Vice-President’s or Principal, Orillia Campus’s accomplishments and leadership qualities; and
    • General nature of conversations with the incumbent about priorities anticipated for a further term.


Board of Governors' Vice-Presidents: Reappointment Policy.