Book an Appointment

Questions? We're here for you!

Book a one on one virtual appointment with any of our International Advisors through our new online booking system. It's quick and easy and you can choose an appointment time that works best with your schedule. We are here to support you and we look forward to meeting with you.

How to book an online appointment:

  1. Click the drop down menu and select which topic is related to your questions (if you're not sure you can choose "general advising") Once selected click submit.
  2. Once you click submit, a list of advisors will show that can assist you. You can choose any advisor listed by clicking on the "book appointment" button under their name.
  3. You will then be directed to the advisors calendar which will show you their available times. Choose the time slot that works best for you (please note that each advisor has different availability so you may want to check others if the times are not working for you).
  4. Complete the online booking form by filling out a few simple questions and you're done! You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment as well as an email and SMS text message to remind you of your appointment the day before and morning of.

Rebooking and Cancellation:

We understand that in life, things happen. If something comes up and you are unable to make your scheduled appointment time, please go back into the 10-8 appointment system through the Change button link in the the appointment confirmation email that you received at the time of booking the appointment, and then you can either cancel or reschedule your appointment. This allows fellow students opportunities to book the next available time slot for valuable assistance.

Course Registration for Spring/Summer 2021:

International students joining Lakehead University for the Spring/Summer 2021 intake can now register for the Fast Pass sessions where Student Central Professionals will be guiding students with course registration and also help them understand their degree requirements. There will be two Fast pass sessions the details of which are as follows:

1. Fast Pass Session 1, March 31st - Register by clicking HERE

 2. Fast Pass Session 2,  April 14th - Register by clicking HERE