Study Abroad & Exchange Students

My Exchange in France
Valerie Schutte talks about her experience

There are many ways to integrate global experience into your university education, but none is better than travelling and studying in another country. Lakehead University welcomes one- or two-semester visiting students from outside of Canada and from our many partner institutions around the world. If you're already a Lakehead student, why not complete a semester or two abroad? Whether you're coming or going, we can help get you there. 

Outbound: I am a current Lakehead student wishing to study abroad.

Flags from the countries Lakehead has exchange partners in

The Lakehead International Study Abroad Program provides the opportunity for students to study abroad at a partner institution while retaining full-time registration status at Lakehead University. For more information, visit our Outbound Study Abroad Website.

Lakehead Study Abroad Program

Inbound: I am a student outside of Canada wishing to study at Lakehead.
A Lakehead student at the International Orientation

We look forward to having you study with us as a student participating on an exchange at Lakehead University. There are a few details you will need to take care of prior to your arrival to ensure a successful experience. 

Please visit our pages for Incoming Fee Paying Study Abroad Students or Incoming Partner Institution Study Abroad Students to ensure your exchange experience at Lakehead University will be the best it can be!