Lakehead International Peer Mentor Program

Mentors' Roles

Lakehead International Peer Mentor Program creates a connection between the peer mentors and the peer mentees with a set of guidelines:

  • Peer Mentors have the responsibility to provide academic guidance and social support for all new international students (including transfer and exchange students) according to their academic level (undergraduate or graduate).  
  • Peer Mentors are seasoned, upper-year students who are Lakehead University Thunder Bay or Orillia Campus experts.
  • Peer Mentors will be the first point of connection for mentees and be able to answer all questions from the mentees, refer mentees to campus resources, and help mentees enhance their study skills for the university environment.
  • Peer Mentors act as guides and friends to their mentees and work to ease their transition and orient them to their new academic and cultural environment.
  • Peer Mentors will need to encourage the mentees to participate in the Peer Mentor Program Academic Workshops and Social Events.
  • Peer Mentors will also need to connect the mentees with the university community by sharing upcoming events and opportunities.

ATTENTION: All Lakehead International Peer Mentors need to abide by the Lakehead University Student Code of Conduct and the Lakehead International Peer Mentor Program Policies.

Want to Be A Peer Mentor

Lakehead International Student Services Peer Mentor Program can’t do what we do without great student volunteers. If you want to apply as a peer mentor, you should be at least eight months of an undergraduate or graduate degree program. 

Interested applicants must demonstrate:

  • the high achievement in academics and combined with profound communication and writing skills.
  • the ability to explain concepts academic and interpersonal to their peers.
  • a positive attitude and desire to guide mentees to achieve academic goals.

If you want to know more about the program, we welcome you to email us at


Insight for Faculty or Staff

Lakehead International Peer Mentors may request help from any Faculty or Department to better support their mentees. In turn, our Peer Mentors are available to support your faculty or department with:

  • Cross-departmental information sharing and promotion.
  • Events and programs support.
  • Facilitating academic study groups or sessions.
  • Gathering international students' input and feedback.

Lakehead International looks forward to working together with all Lakehead faculties and departments to provide an exceptional experience for both international students and the entire university community.

NOTICE: If you know a student who is a good fit to be our peer mentor or new students who would benefit from connecting with our peer mentors, we welcome you to contact us at


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For New International Students

For new international students who will start their journey with Lakehead University, you are only eligible to sign up as a mentee. If you are interested to join our Lakehead International Peer Mentor Program (PMP) as a mentee, please visit this webpage for more information. 

Connect with Current Students